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Aug 7, 2009 6:00pm EDT
phone calls and threats of gun violence today. proclamations they were nazi officials. rush limbaugh listed an address of one of their headquarters in st. louis and urged people to show up. twitter feed telling people they were going to show up with guns at the headquarters. that doesn't strike me as the democratic, lowercase "d" style of protesting. i don't think anyone would really advocate that. i don't think it's proportionate to equate what's happening amoney these labor unions to threats of gun violence and charges of naziism. i just don't. >> we're going to get to john harwood and his interview later in the show. >>> this country's passed government-run health care before. how did johnson do it? it's very important for me to uh check my blood sugar before i go on stage. being on when i'm feeling low can be like a rollercoaster. it does at times feel like my body is telling me to do one thing... and, my mind, my heart is telling me to do something else. managing my highs and lows is super important. with my contour meter i can personalize my high/lo settings so it really does m
Aug 14, 2009 6:00pm EDT
. >> yeah, go ahead, stephanie rush limbaugh compared the democratic party to nazis and he absolutely compared the obama health care -- >> no one should be comparing anybody to -- >> radio hosts are using that rhetoric. don't be surprised when signs show up with the nazi sign on the president. >> no question the signs were made by larouche. no one should be talking nazis or communists. you're saying in in a logical fashion. glen beck, michael savage, rush limbaugh are making direct comparisons and writing in the false allegations of death panels. roll this together and add people who are scared and wonder why they're not responsible? >> okay, the key thing is sarah palin -- the same day that she came up with that death panels thing, i criticized her on the air to 220 stations. the point is she has waltzed back from that. i do believe some of the rhetoric has been hysterical on both sides -- >> it's wrong to call people who disagree with you earn american. >> i would like to see dick morris back off on telling people to terrorize democrats at these town hall meetings. that's the word h
Aug 6, 2009 6:00pm EDT
uglier today, with rush limbaugh comparing nancy pelosi and the democrats to the nazis. that comes on top of those aechbt-obama town halls that featured at least one person carrying a sign that accused obama of having a nazi-style health plan. >> just say no! just say no! just say no! just say no! >>> as we pointed out before, this is a well-organized set of protests. those mob scenes are supported in part by a group called freedom works, and today the afl-cio, the labor organization announced it's going to send people to town halls as well to confront the anti-obama teams. we have organizers on both sides tonight to show the fight right here on the set. >>> plus, the battle for america. the story of the most exciting presidential election of our times. why did ted kennedy break with the clintons and support obama.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3